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Did you know that the first flight occurred in 1903 only 107 years ago? It lasted only 12 seconds and covered just 36 meters. Today, aircraft are capable of flying for over 16 hours and can carry 850 passengers. Email has been in use commercially for only 2 decades, but can you imagine life without it?
It is estimated there are 247 billion emails sent every day, 80% of which are either spam or viruses. Arguably email communication is the most important business tool today. As such it is essential that safeguards are put in place to ensure that any disruption to this line of communication is kept to an absolute minimum.
Those who have been using email for a long time would know that the number of unsolicited emails is a function of time. I.e. the longer you have had the same address, the more spam you receive. When we meet new people in both our work and social lives, increasingly the first contact information we ask for is their email address. As such, email is now very much like a mobile phone number; you don’t want to change it.
So what can we do to limit the time spent each day going through our inbox deleting unwanted email while looking for the 20% that we actually do want? At Danet Technology we have solutions that can effectively remove spam and viruses in your inbox to virtually none. Depending on your existing environment we can implement processes that disallow unwanted emails before they even reach your inbox.
Increasingly, there is a growing trend in IT to move email from a locally maintained server to ‘the cloud’. This is also known as software as a service and in essence means doing away with the responsibility of maintaining your own server to ‘renting’ computing power in a data center that has all the infrastructure in place to protect your important asset, without having the capital expenditure costs every 3-5 years. Of particular advantage of this solution, is the fact that it is all-encompassing. You don’t need to worry about hardware downtime, there are always redundant servers that will take over if one fails and are generally geographically redundant as well. There are always redundant Internet links to your email server which in most offices do not exist as they are price prohibitive.
It is surprising how easily you can change your existing email solution from one that is unreliable, has ineffective security and riddled with unwanted emails to one that has an appropriate backup scheme, guaranteed up time and free of spam so you can get on with the business of conducting business.
At Danet Technology, we are so experienced at implementing robust and reliable email solutions; we can change your system without your staff knowing anything is different when they log back in.
For an obligation free assessment and recommendations for your current email setup our contact details can be found at the bottom.
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  • Danet has a great ability to read the needs of its clients, small and large and to assist its clients as they grow their own businesses!
    Paul Hillary, Eskimo Holdings
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